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We believe in supporting our local farmers and artisans. Our ingredients are sourced from as many local vendors as possible. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our daily specials!

From The Pastry Case

  • Cinnamon Roll

    • $4.50

    Our famous cinnamon roll!

  • Haupia (Coconut) Cinnamon Roll

    • $4.75
  • Croissant

    • $2.95
  • Danish

    • $2.85
  • Blueberry Scones

    • $2.50
  • Pineapple Scones

    • $2.50
  • Mini Pies (Sweet)

    • $6.95
  • Cake Slice

    • $4.95
  • Bag of Lilikoi Shortbread Cookies

    • $6.25

    Each bag is 7 oz. (approximately 10-11 cookies)

  • Mama’s Coconut Cookie

    • $3.85
  • Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookie

    • $3.95

Breakfast and Lunch

  • Biscuits and Gravy

    • $12.00
    • Add two eggs any style $14.00
    • Half Order $7.00

    Fresh-baked buttermilk biscuits with creamy gravy made with Meat The Live Butcher’s North Dakota sausage.

  • Breakfast Croissant Sandwich

    • $7.95
    • Add Bacon or Portuguese Sausage $8.95

    A two-egg cheese omelet on our freshly-baked and toasted butter croissant.

  • Egg Foo Young

    • $12.50

    3-egg omelet with bean sprouts, veggies, and Chinese style BBQ pork. Served on steamed rice rice and topped with gravy.

  • Hawai’i Style Breakfast

    • $11.50
    • Substitute (4) Longanisa $18.50

    Two eggs, any style and your choice of Spam, Portguese Sausage, or Bacon. Served with steamed white rice or breakfast potatoes.

  • Spam Omelet

    • $12.00

    3-egg omelet with sauteed onions, SPAM, and melted cheese. Served with steamed white rice.

  • Hawaiian Style Chili Omelet

    • $12.00

    3-egg omelet with melted cheese & chopped raw onions, Served w/ steamed rice. Served with steamed rice.

  • Breakfast Burrito

    • $11.50

    Scrambled egg, corn, black beans, potatoes, cheese and choice of meat (bacon, Portuguese sausage, SPAM)

  • Sandwiches

  • Croissant Sandwiches

    • $8.95

    Fresh-baked & toasted butter croissant sandwiches BLT, Ham or Turkey with cheese.

  • Soup and Croissant Sandwich Combo

    • $9.50

    Please ask about today's selection of seasonal soup

  • Teri Burger

    • $12.00

    1/3 lb. Angus beef patty glazed with our special House-made teriyaki sauce on our fresh-baked brioche bun. Topped with grilled onions. Comes with mac or garden salad, condiments.

  • Soups

    *Add side salad to any of the below for $3.50

  • Hawaiian-Style Chili

    • $8.50
    • Cup $5.25

    Hawaiian-style chili made with ground beef, stewed tomatoes, 3 kinds of beans, mild chili spice.

  • Portuguese Bean Soup

    • $9.50

    A Hawai'i twist on minestrone soup using ham and Portuguese sausage.

  • A Taste of Hawai’i

    These are favorites among Hawai’i locals, young and old alike!

  • Kalua Pork & Cabbage

    • $12.50

    Cooked to order and served with rice and mac salad.

  • Papa’s Beef Stew

    • $13.50

    Tomato Beef Stew on rice, served with a side of mac salad.

  • Loco Moco

    • $14.95

    A Hilo, Hawaii classic dish featuring a hamburger patty with grilled onions and two eggs, any style, served over steamed white rice and smothered in made-from-scratch brown gravy. You may substitute the beef patty with SPAM or Portuguese sausage.

  • Hamburger Steak

    • $14.00

    8 oz. Fresh hamburger patty with sautéed onions and mushrooms, smothered with our house-made gravy. Served with white rice and mac salad.

  • Saimin

    • $11.50

    The name Saimin is a combination of two Chinese words: Sai, which means thin, and Min, which means noodle.

    Chicken or vegetable broth with toppings: Spam, shrimp tempura, egg, and sliced green onions. 

  • Lumpia Rice Bowl

    • $12.00
    • Add 2 Longanisa $15.00

    3 pork lumpia with 2 eggs, any style, served over steamed white rice.

  • Lumpia

    • $6.95

    Your choice of three (3) Pork or Vegetable (Vegan). Served with our house-made dipping sauce.

  • Kimchi Fried Rice

    • $8.95
    • Add 2 eggs, any style $10.75

     With lup-cheong, Chinese-style BBQ pork, bacon, green onions, won bok kimchi. Ask to make it spicy!

  • Fried Rice

    • $10.00
    • Add two eggs, any style $12.00

    Made to order and worth the wait! With lup-cheong, Chinese-style BBQ pork, bacon, green onions and our special soy/oyster sauce.

  • Vegetable Fried Rice

    • $10.00

    Same as our fried rice or kim-chee fried rice. NO MEAT


  • Coffee

    We use Fidalgo Bay for our espresso and Seven Coffee Roasters for our brewed coffee. We also offer Seven Coffee Roasters bags of whole beans for sale.

    Available dairy alternatives: Soy and Almond milk.

    Flavors: Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla, White Chocolate, and Chocolate

  • Americano

    Coffee prepared by adding hot water to an espresso, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from traditionally brewed coffee. 

  • Caffe Latte

    2 shots of Fidalgo Bay espresso and steamed milk, topped with froth.

  • Drip Coffee

  • Espresso

    2 shots

  • Mocha

    2 shots of Espresso poured over Torani Chocolate, topped with frothed milk.

  • Hot Chocolate

    With or without Whipped Cream

  • Tea

  • Rishi Tea

    Assorted blends including caffeine-free herbal.

  • Other Drinks

  • Hawaiian Sun

    • $1.95

    Assorted flavors

  • Bottled Water

  • Soda

    • $1.95

    Coke, Diet Coke

  • Coconut Water

  • Vitamin Water

*All menu prices subject to change without notice.